Reciprocal Reading

I am learning about reciprocal reading.
I have learnt that reciprocal reading involves students being the leaders.
Everyone is expected to contribute.
Two areas I want to get better at are being the questioner and being a leader.

Te Reo Maori

We have been learning language about Ko Au which means Me Myself And I.
Something I have learnt to say is Ototahi which means Christchurch.
My next step is to be able to remember everything so I can say a whole sentence.

Statistacal Investagation

I am learning to complete a statistacal investagation.
I have learned that the steps to a statistacal investagation are
1.Pose a qustion
2.Plan an investagation
3.Gather the data
4.Analyse the data
5.Form cunclusions
Something I have learnt from gathering my data is Lamborghini won the coolest car award.


WALT:Record useful information for integrated learning.
I learned That a nebula might turn into a star.
Here is a example of my learning.
Next time I will Get useful information from the book.

Year 4 Sleep over

WALT:Year 4 sleepover.
What I learned I learned how to play Foxes and Hounds.
Best part of camp Fish and chips.
I enjoyed Foxes and Hounds.
If teachers could change something it would be letting us play spotlight.

Reading Strategy

WALT:Make connections with our prior knowledge

I learned how to make connections using my prior knowledge

Here is an example of my learning
In the text it says they put the seeds between wet paper towels.  My connection is they put the seeds between wet paper towels to keep it moist.

Next time I will make better connections by rereading the text.


WALT: Kick a large ball

I learned how to use the inside of my foot

Here is an example of my learning - Kick and strike a ball

Next time I will use the skills that I have been learning for PE in a soccer match